The way of love...

Life is a long journey with unexpected twists and turns.As you walk along the road of age and experience, you just don't know whom you will meet and definitely not when. The various relationships that we build seem to be sudden or co-incidential. A simple thought says it all, ' The day I met you was my favourite accident and even today I love that injuries.'
Maybe not all believe in relations that cross lifetimes and such happenings even today seem a miracle. Somebody out of blue comes in and touches your soul in a very distinct manner and that feeling is very intimate to your heart. Its a feeling of deja vu that you feel- it seems like that person is someone you know from past lifetimes even though you just met. Unbelievable yet interesting.
The most common expression that comes under this category is the 'Love at first sight' between lovers. But wait a second, is there any written or unwritten rule that this beautiful feeling has to happen only between lovers? What about love at first sight between a dad and daughter, between mother and son and even siblings? If you are laughing inwardly or outwardly at this statement. it is time you do reconsider.
The foundation stone of every single relationship is this eternal feeling of love,care and security. Without it, no real relationship can stand tall and strong. So is not the love we get at home, love at all? Now, if you do agree that love in the family does exist, then your best friend and closest lover has to be your family. It is their shield of love that protects our life, nourishes and allows it to grow beautifully with time.
On the other hand, if you look at it with disgust and say it is totally something impossible, then it is time to go back to your parents and ask them a simple question-'What was their first thought when they saw you and held you in their arms.' The answer will be ' Love at first sight.'
For every child in this universe, his father is the superhero of the world and his mother, Miss Universe. These are the same qualities that we search in our lovers, don't we? It is the same attraction that we search and try to find in others.
It is high time that we opened our eyes and see the world in a new light and direction. The living God and protection called our family is right in front of us. What we search in our dream boy or dream girl can also be found in our parents.
Open your eyes and your mind and you can find your parents from your last lives in front of you. And, if you have had such a beautiful experience, then you would definitely agree to this unique love story!!!
So remember, some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints in our heart and we are changed forever....Be a part of that heart touching experience and have your unique love story.....