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The untold story......

I sat there watching The whole act unfold I couldn't stop staring At all the words untold 
There sat a woman looking At another young and tiny lady With motherliness overflowing An her love flowing steady
That care in her eye  Unrivaled in this whole earth The sorrow in her sigh Unmatched in any other birth
She looks longingly in That innocent gaze Wanting only to win  That beautiful blooming haze
Now I look again Into the gentle tugging fight The knowledge that I was about to gain Was a heart wrenching sight
That woman wanting with all her heart Was a baby girl like the one She was looking from the start Knowing she would have none!!!

My Sweet Family......

A big family etched in my heart
An Angel and a Father,
Just for a beautiful start
And smiling, teasing brothers

To the outward eye and mouth
Even to the life that birthed me
It was a group of north ans south
Not something I might stick to see

But Destiny had a different say
Frolic and tears, hits and hugs
The twenty one and one day
Pulls a string, my heart tugs

I maybe just one sister with them
But the love covered it all
The unruly cloth with care hem
I am proud to stand by them, tall...