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Silence can heal and silence can kill!!!!!!!

A new relavation seems to have struck me today....for a very talkative person like me silence is the perfect torture. But from quite some time now, silence seems to have bitten into me. For a lot of problems silence and smile maybe the answer but for many more its talking in simple terms and "COMMUNICATION" in high terms.
It maybe big words from small mouth but speaking helps a lot. Guys can blame saying that gals talk all the time because they are just gals....but one question to all the male counterparts...don't you too feel like sharing things to your best buddy?
                        Think again and i'm sure there are a lot of times you have regretted not telling out your heart...its not just in love but in friendship, parents, siblings or even just the people you trust. That did happen to me too and it did hurt a lot. It looks as if this feeling of guilt just started from its high time that we left that to only our childhood. Not everything in life…