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The teacher called experience

Think twice and again twice
Life is full of salt and spice
Put yourself first and only you
Seek your welfare over others fewKeep running and run faster
Learn the art of deceit and master
Pull others down, be a hypocrite
Continue mugging up, state and citeIt's always a competition, don't forget
Prepare, practice, have the alarm set
Work, slave and repeat everyday
Don't stop or you'll loose your sayThen, one day, this chaos stops
All insecurities come in front and pops
You learn then what you did
Was just a big, slippy skidSo breathe and breathe now
There's a world around to mow
Hands of the clock move one way
Make sure you scream your say

The Welcome Song

Welcome,welcome to all
Welcome to the bumpy fall
Some call it simply life
Others say it's a war, a strifeThey teach us friendship
They make us care and share
Then break us at the hip
Say beware and don't bareThey preach on socialisation
But to be strong, fight alone
You belong to one nation
But never  forget to pick each boneThey lecture us to respect
Then push us to bully all the way
You are made to wait and expect
For a drop of hope, a single raySo yes, welcome again
To this craziness and pain
The truth is stated, the clock moves on
And hence our experiences are born