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Lessons in failure....

When life throws you
To those few
Wagging tongues and shaking heads
And some complaining leads

It pains and it hurts
With gossip and blurts
Then they advice me
'Life is sharp,you see'

They say things, very wise
Walking's impossible till you fall twice
But how can one stand
When legs are broken brand?

Take failure astride, they tell
When failed, make fun and knell
Hurt won't take far,they forget
Love will but they fret

No matter what happens
In battle or in dens
I will look up to you God
To give me every nod

They forsake me in pain
But partake when joy lain
My trust in you shall never wane
In any kind of boon or bane

Lasting Love.....

Up to the sky
As high as the sun
Wanting not to lie
Simply in life's run

With them I send my heart
Not in a package but free spirit
And with care as the dart
To keep them ever fit

They board that plane
To take them across lands
And here I tear my mane
To each of waving hands

Yet I live with that bright hope
That I will see them again
No matter how long you pull the rope
In the heart, love is never slain.....