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That Beautiful Picture

A picture came into my mind,
Filled with beauty of its kind.
I knew not who its artist was,
Nor knew the underlying cause.
The colour, lo behold!
Could warm any heart cold.
The stroke so perfect,
The eye cannot see defect.
To which master's loving gaze,
Fell this artistic maze?
That time seem to slip,
From its own grip.
My mind let go that image,
Back to reality engage.
That's when I see,
The beautiful picture is me.

Through my life....

Life is short and wishes long
The will weak and temptations strong
Time goes right by with turns wrong
Ending the beautiful life song

Down in the dark, completely lost
Seeing life's winter, the wind and the frost
No matter what is life's cost
Letting the soul to be lost

But not everything is down
Not everybody does frown
Ups and downs in life's gown
Makes it shine in the dull town

Life gives you a second chance
To set your target and throw the lance
To make your mind and set the stance
To see if you are tuned to life's dance

Stumble but don't fall
If you need help, just call
Face struggles and stand tall
Life is the best gift of all!!!