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Danish Diaries – We Are Equals

Image  I sometimes still cannot believe that it has been more than four months since I came to Denmark. Every day, there is something that I keep learning. Even though I wish I could write down and share everything, it is humanly impossible. Still, there is a lot to share. Talking of sharing, we live in this crazy world of social media where it exploits the human nature for the need of appreciation. In general, we would all like to brag at least a little. You must be wondering by now why I’m talking about something that is common knowledge. That is simply because today’s topic is the legendary Janteloven (pronounced Yan-de-lo-ven) or the Law of Jante.
The same for everyone because average is okay! It might not seem legendary to anyone outside the Scandinavia, but this concept is widespread in Denmark. First, it is not a law in the constitution of the country. A social idea that children learn pretty early in their life and carry over as adu…