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The Golden Heart Forever

My Ajja and Myself

Sometimes we never realize what awakens memories, what can trigger things in your heart and what can make tears roll down your eyes. What happened to me can be explained with these sentences. Life rolls on always and as everyone knows people live and die. But no matter what we do and even try to do, nothing prepares us when we actually face such a situation. That loss is always a loss and no one else will take up that void.   Ajja was that to me. Even today, a mango, a Mitsubishi Lancer, a sprinkler, a jackfruit, a calm evening or even the tune of the morning news in BBC channel can wake the past and before I know it, my dam’s burst of my eyes.  Life is equally funny too. The mango reminds me of the day when my uncle was admitted in the hospital and both my mother and grandmother were off to the hospital to take care of him. So I became the impromptu chef in the house for ajja. After he inevitably praised my lunch and had it, (I never came to know how actually it real…