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Lifeye jollydha!!!!!!!

Every now and then I look back on my mistakes and the one thing that I realise is that those silly and grave things made mw what I am today. Sometimes we keep thinking that mistakes swallow us out completely but why dont we see the brighter side. Human life is utter waste if you cant get up and keep moving. Not gooing into the philosophy but life is worth living. You dont have to wait gor a reason or a person. Its just that its there and we close our eyes to it.
In the same way, life's not easy either. When you have to gain something, you got to loose something too. Keep your preiorities straight. Its never a win-win situation when its comes to taking a life decision and there is never a chance to do it right again. Dont regret taking a decision once its gone. Gatham gatham- what is gone is gone. Work hard, be cool and life ye  jolly dha macha....