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a painful fascination!!!

yes you can say that I love to view the world with an eye of pain but isn't it the only way we tend to learn? have you ever heard anyone saying that success or happiness is the stepping stone to the best way that we can lead life? Isn't the saying that" life treats you like a goal keeper, everyone remember how many goals you miss rather than how many you save." When people who have the perfect comb when they have lost all hair tell this, isn't it the biggest irony that we tell to our self that see life on a positive note.
We all have an inbuilt manufacturing defect-we forget. This mistake in our mind has positive effects too. How much ever pain a person undergoes, he can forget it in the long run though it does appear now and then. We are hurt emotionally, we get angry, we are pained by someone's doing but we cannot carry them forever. Pain and suffering are nondetachable parts of life but the need for happiness and forgetfulness of pain keeps us going.
As my v…