In your eyes...

Let me fly the sky
Let me swim the sea
Let me colour the dye
Let me pay the fee

Please don't take the blame
Please don't consider me same
Please don't ask for fame
Please don't pull my name

You won't listen, whatever I say
You won't lie, whatever I am
You won't bend, whatever it may
You won't break, whatever it ram

Why don't you see the failure in me
Why don't you sit back and see
Why don't you let the spark be
Why don't you leave my hurt knee

Even with all this, you are not pest
Even with all this, you will not rest
Even with all this, you put to test
Even with all this, you are the best

You believe your role is a rent
You believe I am, gift God sent
You believe you are full of sentiment
I believe, you are a proud parent...

And so am I.....


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